Who Are You?

​who are you when no one is watching?

well, i am still the same jerk you know. i am still the clown who try to make everybody laugh, or at least put on a little smile on their face.

i am still the same guy who always listen to your old story, over and over and never said bored to it.

i am still your shoulder to cry on. your place to stay for a while.

your late nite conversation to fulfill your insomnia moment.

your discussion partner. your debate enemy.

your no for every choice i asked.

your yes to every random activity you need.

to be honest, i am more quiet when no one is watching. i will be a talkative person just because i want to looks friendly. i know you guys will hate to see my bitch face (why in the hell i used this kind of word?)

i always say logical things. but not when nobody is watching. i have the wildest mind in my head. i always think randomly, extremely sometimes, and out of control. but there is only on my mind.

i am anomaly, i am what people say or think i’m not. i am contradictive, i’m not following what others think will be good. but i made my own rule. and my rule is strictly enough for me. i don’t care what other people will think about me. i just don’t care.

because what happen in my life, i don’t think i need anybody approval to do that. that’s just silly. you own yourself. your body, your mind, your idea, is your authority.

nobody should take advice on it. or if people asked you to do this or that, just say that “I DON’T GIVE A FUCK!”

What do you think?

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