Day 16: Hello

hello, unspoken forgiveness, important mistakes, comfortable boundaries. you.

hello, spent heart, busy mind, missed morning greetings. you.

hello, thoughtful hearts, functional minds, favorable souls. you.

hello, surprised looks, searching gazes, heart-chilling stares. you.

hello, doubtful lines, reluctant strokes, hesitant brushes. you.

hello, passing storms, glimmering lights, warming sunflares. you.

hello, breezy wind, warm sunflares, heavy droplets. you.

hello, loving arms, beating hearts, distant lovers. you.

hello, enchanting dangers. endearing hazards, charming perils. you.

hello, outlying glistens, faraway shimmers, distant sparkles. you.

hello, scrumptious muffin, warm porridge and dark coffee. you.

hello, sweet earthlings, heaven enthusiasts, aspiring angels. you.

hello, winding passage, dripping water, brilliant sunlight. you.

hello, wingless angels, haloed devils, earthly heavens. you.

hello, wishful stares, hopeful gazes, sanguine glances. you.

hello, pictures written, words painted, songs spoken. you.

hello, mellifluous whispers, melodious murmurs, pleasant sighs. you.

hello, piercing cold, haunting grey, somber drizzle. you.

hello, poetic damsels, lyrical ingenues, melodic demoiselles. you.

hello, simple miracles. modest wonders. vanilla splendors. you.

hello, playful crossings, blissful roundabouts, joyful avenues. you.

hello, enticing puzzles, inviting mazes, alluring collages. you.

hello, early dews, unawaken dreams, mystical dawns. you.

hello, poems eternal, stories immortal, tales forever. you.

hello, simple being, hardcore lover, pragmatic thinker. you.

hello, poems discovered, lyrics remembered, words unraveled. you.

hello, dreaming canvas, waking colors, living paintings. you.

hello, careless retreats, reckless holidays, foolish runaways. you.

hello, constant gleams. eternal glows. forever glimmers. you.

hello, easing beats, slowing tempos, sunday rhythms. you.

hello, i miss you.

(30 days writing challenge. Day 16: Someone i miss)

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