Song of The Burning Butterfly

there was a fine garden full of beautiful plants. once, they are all planning to bloom together.

and there was our young butterfly, take a long journey by himself, try to find a new place for him to stay.

when he flew by to those fine garden, he was amazed, because it was the time where all of those beautiful plants, flowers, and trees bloom together.

our young butterfly was too excited to the strength of their shine bright blooming. he started to fly closer as fast as he can.

when he finally arrived, it was the best thing he ever saw. the sun comes out, the plants started to bloom.

but our young butterfly was frightened. because he suddenly found out, that it was the best thing to saw, but not a good place for him. and not a good time either.

it was the time when those fine garden try to destroy themselves together, the sun push all the heat to the full limit. all the plants started to released their last breath. they all sang their final requiem. they scream in a quiet silence.

and our young butterfly, was not prepared. and he started to burn to death.


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