Alasan Jatuh Hati

jatuh hati tidak butuh alasan.

tidak perlu pertimbangan spesifik atau mengada-ada untuk jatuh hati pada seseorang.


“i love her because of the way she treats me”

what happens if she stops treating you the way you love? you dump her?


“i love him because of the way he makes me feel”

then what happens if he stops making you feel that way? you leave him?


“i love her because she’s beautiful”

three weeks later, a bus hit her. do you still want to meet her?


“i love him because he’s falling on my feet with roses and jewels”

out of the blue, he’s broke that he couldn’t buy you roses and jewels anymore. you’ll throw him away?


“i love you, because i want to.” that’s a powerful sentence, right there.

don’t love someone because of what, how, or who they are.


from now on, start loving someone, because you want to.


apa bisa?





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