Replace It

there is so many sentence to replace “i love you”, such as:

• good morning.

• how was your day?

• be careful.

• text me when you get home so i know you’re safe.

• sweet dreams.

• how are you?

• i hope you’re feeling better.

• have a good day today!

• 🙂

• good night.

• can you come over?

• can i come over?

• can i call you?

• can i see you?

• want something to eat?

• watch your step.

• let’s watch a movie.

• how is your day so far?

• it will be okay.

• i’m here for you.

• do you need anything?

• are you hungry?

• i just wanted to hear your voice.

because not all of us can get an “i love you too”


What do you think?

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