a soulmate.

sometime it’s overrated. sometime it’s underrated. no one have a clear thought about that.

i still think that a soulmate does exist. it’s depend on your point of view. you can always set your bars high. no one can forbid you for doing that. it’s your life. take control of it.

but for looking up that soulmate, a whole package soulmate, not only a particular condition soulmate, nor a generic soulmate, you need to lower your bars.

let anybody come visit. let open your heart. let those soul enter your life. let them finding themselves. let them looking for anything that they need to find.

because a true soulmate need to be found. it always hiding behind a thick wall. either you broke the wall, or you take a long walk to turn around.

find one. and be happy.


What do you think?

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